Reflections on Google Teacher Academy #GTAATL

Google Academy

Expect the Miraculous

google-certified-teacherOn June 25 and 26, 2014 I had the honor of attending the Google Teacher Academy in Atlanta.  It was a long road to get to GTA.  The application process is a test in how well you can boil down your practice into the most concise wording and video that represents your innovation and reach.  The application is short with only a handful of questions that limit your response to 800 characters.  One of the most challenging parts of the application process is the video.  In one minute, you have to introduce yourself and show how you foster innovation in education as well as how you have a global impact.  I don’t even know how many hours it took me to craft a one-minute video, but I do know that the process forced me to really think about my practice.  I made multiple versions of the video and got feedback…

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Oh my…oh my… oh MYO

Raving About Media

Anyone who has any any imagination (or at least watched any form of Sci-Fi show) has wanted to have some kind of superpower at some point in their lives. With there being loads to choose from, if given that option, many wouldn’t know where to start. With flying, super-strength, and x-ray vision (don’t lie gents!) being among the most popular and ‘useful’ powers, a number of equally spectacular ones are sidelined. Most notably…telekinesis…moving things with your mind. Yes, you heard me right telekinesis…it has become a reality…sort of…in a round about way…

Before I retract my rather bold statement, it is probably a good time to introduce the man of the hour, the Myo;

Developed by ThalmicLabs, the Myo is a gesture-controlled armband, that uses electrical impulses generated by muscular contractions, and transmits those into commands which can control devices connected to it, such as your phone and computer. ThalmicLabs claim that…

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